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Requirement: Mef, in 4 months to 24 billion, improves by 30 billion

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Pnrr: EU, guidelines for modification of the plan arrive (ANSA)

In April 2022 the balance of the state sector closed, provisionally, with a surplus of 6,000 million, with an improvement of approximately 18,600 million compared to the corresponding value of April 2021, which closed with a requirement of 12,625 million. . The requirement for the first four months of the current year – explains the Mef – is equal to approximately 24,000 million, an improvement of 29,700 million compared to that recorded in the first quarter of 2021 (53,776 million).
In April, compared with the corresponding month of 2021, the improvement in the balance is mainly due to the collection of the non-repayable contributions paid by the EU and provided for by the Recovery Fund. There was also a positive trend in tax collections linked to the increase in payments of indirect taxes, internal VAT and excise duties, and contributions.
The balance also benefited from a reduction on the payments side, determined by the lower expenditure of the Central and Territorial Administrations and, above all, by the lack of services provided by the Revenue Agency and by the Extraordinary Commissioner, provided for by the legislative measures issued for the containment of the epidemiological emergency.
The interest expenditure on government bonds shows a reduction of approximately 150 million compared to the same month of the previous year.

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Source: Ansa

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