Ok to the state contract, increases and arrears on the way

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Here comes the renewal of the contract for public employees of ministries, tax agencies and non-economic entities, including INPS and INAIL. After the green light of the Court of Auditors, Aran (the agency for the negotiating representation of public administrations) and the trade unions definitively signed the agreement for the central functions sector, whose pre-agreement was signed on 21 December last. Therefore, the expected increases are on the way: it is an average of 105 euros for 13 months, to which is added a benefit equal to another 20 average monthly euros (the latter thanks to the additional resources, allocated in the Budget law for 2022, for finance the new professional system and the overcoming of the limits on the increase of decentralized resources funds). The contractual increase rises to € 117 gross for the administrative assistants bracket. The contract covers the three-year period 2019-2021 and therefore also recognizes the average arrears, equal to approximately 1,800 euros, as calculated by Aran itself.
225,000 state governments are interested. The hypothesis on the table is that the increases and also the arrears can arrive in the paycheck in June, even if an extraordinary anticipation was already planned in May on which, however, there is still uncertainty. The incoming increases and arrears represent “a breath of fresh air for workers, at a time characterized by a generalized rise in prices”, underlines the Minister of Public Administration, Renato Brunetta.
In addition to the economic level, there are several innovations also at the regulatory level, starting with the unlocking of careers.
The agreement focuses on training and introduces a fourth area, namely the “area of ​​high professionalism” in which highly qualified employees will be placed, which joins the other three professional areas (Operators Area, Assistants Area, Officers Area ). There is also the regulation of agile work, with the reference to bargaining and to the individual agreement that provides for the duration and indication of the days to be carried out inside and outside the workplace, the times of rest and worker logout.
The unions are satisfied that they speak of an “innovative” agreement and are now aiming to close the other public contracts and to advance the development of personnel. “The revolution of public work is underway”, underlines Brunetta: “Now ahead, with the same determination, to close the contracts of the health and local authorities”, he adds, speaking of this contract as a “trailblazer” for all the others in the Public Administration. .

Source: Ansa

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