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Fraudsters have come up with a new way to steal money: how to protect yourself

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We tell you how not to get hooked by scammers and not lose money during the war

Fraudsters operate on the Internet / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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Fraudsters are constantly coming up with new and new ways to cash in on Ukrainians, including during martial law.

What two schemes have appeared recently, and how to protect yourself from them, were told in the project of the National Bank Financial Literacy Ukraine.

How to recognize scammers

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The first scheme is as follows: attackers offer intermediary services for obtaining guaranteed compensation from the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. And then they charge a commission for it.

However, guaranteed reimbursement occurs only through the Fund’s agent banks. Only these banks are connected to a special Automated Payout System.

The second scheme is that scammers send SMS messages to bank customers that they allegedly received a payment on their account. These messages contain links to phishing sites.

“Do not click on links – through them, fraudsters can take possession of your card details. Fraudulent links can also be sent to steal personal data and infect devices with a virus. In addition to SMS, scammers can send malicious links to the messenger and e-mail,” experts say.

Also, To protect yourself from phishing, you must follow the following rules:

  • check the correctness of the name of the sites (scammers can create pages identical to the official ones, but the address may contain extra or other characters);
  • if you received a message, and still there is a need to go to the site of a bank or other organization, it is better to enter the name of the required site in the search engine and go to it.

What other fraudulent schemes are there during the war

Earlier we said that the Kiev region was one of the regions where active hostilities took place. Now that the occupier has left the area, the attackers have come up with a way to cash in on the victims. The scammers wear uniforms of the State Emergency Service and pose as pyrotechnicians. And then, for money, they allegedly conduct a survey of the premises and clear the territory.

Also scammers call relatives and friends of the Ukrainian military and offer to release these soldiers from captivity for a monetary reward. The scammers are calling from a hidden number to clarify the personal details of the fighters.

There is also an SMS-mailing, where it is reported about allegedly payments to internally displaced persons. What is the text of this mailing and how to protect yourself from all these schemes, we have explained here.

Segodnya also talked about how scammers cash in on fuel shortages.

Source: Segodnya

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