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Not fired, but there is no work either: how Ukrainians can be left without a salary

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We tell you how employers can declare downtime or suspend employment contracts during the war, and whether wages will be preserved

How during the war they can be left without work, and what will happen to the salary / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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Since the start of martial law, many Ukrainians have lost their jobs. Some were able to return, and some are still looking for a place and sit without income. However, these people were not necessarily fired.

During martial law, employers can declare downtime or suspend employment contracts. What is the difference between this, and whether the salary is preserved, was explained on the special portal “Free Legal Aid”.

Changes in labor law during martial law

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During the war, many enterprises declared downtime. It means that the work has stopped because there are no organizational or technical conditions for it. The reason for downtime can be anything. The decision on its implementation is made by the owner of the enterprise.

But the suspension of the employment contract means that the employer temporarily does not provide the employee with classes, and the employee, in turn, temporarily does not perform work under the concluded employment contract due to military aggression. In this case, both parties can initiate such a procedure.

What is the difference between these and what does it mean for the employee

Downtime can last as long as there are circumstances that make it impossible to work. A suspension of the employment contract possible only during martial law.

Other important differences affecting employees:

  • downtime is introduced throughout the enterprise or department – the suspension of the employment contract is individual;
  • in case of downtime, at least 2/3 of the salary is paid (however, downtime due to the fault of the employee is not paid) – people who have had their employment contract suspended also remain without wages;
  • if downtime is paid, the insurance period is counted – in case of suspension of the employment contract, ERUs are not paid for the employee, which means that the insurance period is not counted for him.

Why you need to work only officially – 3 reasons

Earlier, Segodnya was told that one of the reasons why an unofficial device can harm a person is the lack of financial protection.

For example, when martial law began, people who lost part of their income due to the war could receive 6,500 UAH of assistance from the state. However, it was not received by workers registered informally.

Experts advise: in order to receive guarantees during a crisis and, if necessary, protect your rights, you need to get a job officially. This provides the following benefits:

  • wages of a registered worker cannot be less than the minimum, there is a right to vacation, sick leave, early retirement, etc .;
  • a person can hold the employer liable if he was fired for no reason or there was no violation of labor laws;
  • there is the possibility of insurance if part of the salary or work was lost due to hostilities.

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Source: Segodnya

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