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Is the shortage of gasoline with us for a long time? Who will have to fasten the “Wishlist”

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The expert told when and why the demand for different types of fuel will start to grow again

The deficit situation will be difficult for a long time to come / Photo: UNIAN, Collage: Today

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In a month and a half, the situation with the shortage of gasoline will stabilize, but the queues at gas stations will not disappear anywhere, because there will still not be enough fuel for everyone.

Leonid Kosyanchuk, an expert on the oil products market, spoke about this in an interview with Kosatka Media.

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According to him, in one and a half to two months demand will rise again for fuel due to agricultural producers and harvesting.

“Citizens should be conscious. We need to save money. Now is not the time for some unnecessary trips. We should “fasten” the Wishlist, use public transport more or not go anywhere at all,” the expert says.

Kosyanchuk calls to let more fuel for the needs of the army, which is now the most important for the country, as well as for employees of the State Emergency Service, critical infrastructure, doctors and those who evacuate the population.

“The situation is tense, but not hopeless. Everyone is determined to level it out. It will be difficult for a long time,” Kosyanchuk summed up.

What’s going on at the gas station?

On May 13, the situation at Ukrainian gas stations is quite complicated. According to the AutoRia website, on sale in general no A-95+ gasoline.

Some gas stations do not have not only premium, but also popular A-95 gasoline, and A-92 fuel can be found practically unrealistic.

Prices are still regulated by the government, so the situation looks like this:

The situation at gas stations on May 13

The situation at gas stations on May 13 / Photo: auto.ria.com

Earlier, Segodnya was told where they ask for 40 hryvnia per liter of autogas and wrote what will happen to the prices at gas stations after the delivery of American and European fuel to Ukraine.

Source: Segodnya

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