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    Fuel prices skyrocket, and payments to displaced persons are delayed – the main thing about money for the week

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    We talk about the most important news from the economic sphere for the week from May 9 to 13

    Briefly about the most important of the week / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

    The price of autogas continues to rise against the backdrop of a shortage of fuel in Ukraine, and the dollar on the black market makes sharp turns. At the same time, payments were not credited to all IDPs, and the Verkhovna Rada is considering new fines for Ukrainians.

    The editors of “Today” offers to find out the main economic news for the outgoing week, which you might have missed.

    Autogas prices hit the ceiling

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    After May 9, the price of autogas at Ukrainian gas stations has risen sharply, although the prices for gasoline and diesel are nominally kept at a stable level.

    At the same time, A-95 gasoline is sold at an average price of UAH 37.71/l, A-92 gasoline for UAH 36.7/l, and diesel fuel for UAH 42.75/l. Interestingly, the cost of autogas has risen sharply in almost all filling networks, sometimes the price was suddenly raised by 2 hryvnia/l.

    New rules in the WOG network

    The WOG filling station network has updated the limits on the sale of gasoline for Ukrainians during the fuel crisis. Since the end of April, these gas stations have been selling only 10 liters of gasoline per car per day, and the sale was carried out only to private customers with a PRIDE loyalty card. It was possible to pay both in cash and by bank cards.

    Since May, they decided to increase the limit from 10 to 20 liters per person per day. The innovation took effect on May 9, again only for users of the PRIDE system, which will automatically control the restrictions.

    The new rules were introduced in order to ensure the right of first priority refueling of auto defenders, doctors and other critical infrastructure services.

    Not all IDPs received UAH 2,000

    The Ministry of Social Policy provides internally displaced Ukrainians with UAH 2,000 each (children and people with disabilities are given UAH 3,000 each). However, in early May, not all applicants received financial support from the state. Ukrainians who applied for the payment of living assistance through “Diya” or TsNAPy should receive the amounts for March and April.

    According to the department, five financial tranches have now been completed. The head of the Ministry of Social Policy, Marina Lazebnaya, stressed that the assistance would be paid to everyone. They say that those who have not yet received it will receive it as part of the last tranche.

    The delay is due to the fact that they did not have time to process all the applications. Some did not even come from the regions. Therefore, as soon as the data is received, the money will be credited to everyone who asked for it.

    The dollar exchange rate on the “black market” breaks all the rules

    On the “black market” in Ukraine, the dollar exchange rate has stabilized and is kept at the same level for several days. As of May 10, on average, dollars were sold at UAH 33.7 and sold at UAH 33.4.

    This is a rather high rate, since the official value is UAH 29.25 and the NBU has banned selling the dollar for more than UAH 32.18. However, the “black market” has its own laws, which do not correspond to the legal foreign exchange business.

    Among the proposals in the regions, the lowest dollar exchange rate is UAH 33.48, and the highest is UAH 34.

    New fines in Ukraine

    Ukrainians out of the blue can lose from 3400 to 5100 UAH. Such sizes of fines are planned to be introduced for illegal wearing of military uniforms under martial law. The relevant bill is being processed in the relevant committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

    If the violator is detained in uniform with honors again, the fine will increase. You will have to pay from 5117 to 6800 UAH or work up to 40 days in public works. People’s deputies also want to introduce punishment for wearing the uniform of the police and other law enforcement officials without permission.

    125 thousand UAH for business support

    A grant fund is being launched in Ukraine to support businesses during the war. 300 small and micro enterprises can receive UAH 125,000 (€4,000). To participate in the program, you need to apply on the “Diya” portal.

    A business can apply for financial assistance if:

    • deployed in areas where hostilities are or have been fought;
    • left these areas and temporarily turned around in a safer city;
    • suffered as a result of hostilities, but still continues to work and can confirm this.

    Priority in the selection is given to companies that produce vital goods for Ukrainians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The selection of applications will be handled by a commission of independent business experts.

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    Source: Segodnya

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