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Fake help from the UN: scammers try to steal money from Ukrainians in a new way

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We tell you what new scheme scammers use to steal bank card data

How to protect yourself from scammers / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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Fraudsters during martial law came up with new ways to deceive Ukrainians. Often they disguise themselves as well-known brands.

In particular, attackers are now stealing bank card data, using the subject of monetary assistance from the UN. This was warned in Gospetssvyaz.

Fraudsters act through Facebook

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Experts discovered that a page imitating the TSN resource appeared on the popular social network. On it, scammers offer to take a survey. There is a link in the message, and if you click on it, there supposedly monetary assistance is offered within the framework of the UN social program.

And then it is proposed to enter personal information and make an additional payment.

However, in this way Your credit card details will be stolen!

How to protect yourself

The State Service for Communications advises the following:

1. Never enter payment card details on unfamiliar and suspicious websites.

2. Set up your messages from banks so that you receive a message about any transactions.

3. If the payment card details are erroneously entered on a fraudulent website, you must immediately block the payment card using a mobile application, a bank hotline (the phone number is indicated on the back of the card) or through Internet banking.

4. You should always follow the basic rules of cyber hygiene.

Fraudsters imitate other TV channels

Previously, we said that scammers use the brand of the TV channel “Ukraina24” to deceive. The essence of the scheme is the same, but assistance was supposedly offered from the EU. To protect yourself from this scheme, you need to follow the same rules.

“Today” also wrote about two new schemes for theft of funds. The first is: intruders offer intermediary services for obtaining guaranteed compensation from the Deposit Guarantee Fund for individuals. And then they charge a commission for it.

The second scheme is that scammers send SMS messages to bank customers that they allegedly received a payment on their account. These messages contain links to phishing sites.

We have explained how to protect yourself from scammers in this case.

Segodnya also talked about how scammers cash in on fuel shortages.

Source: Segodnya

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