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    Can I stay without a pension? What to do if there is not enough insurance experience

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    We tell you what to do if it turns out that you have incomplete months of insurance experience

    How to get a full insurance experience for a pension / Photo: AFP, Collage: Today

    In order for a person to start paying pensions, you need to have full months of insurance experience. However, it happens that it is not enough.

    But this does not mean that there will be no payments. For incomplete months of experience, you can pay extra. How to do this, told the Pension Fund.

    How to make a surcharge

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    Therefore, there is an insurance premium for crediting the insurance experience. It is paid monthly and the amount for each may be different, but not less than the minimum amountwhich is specially calculated.

    However, if the amount of the insurance premium paid was less than the minimum, the length of service decreased accordingly, and it may not be enough to calculate the pension.

    This can be if people worked part-time, were hired not from the first day of the calendar month, or were fired not from the last day, etc.

    In this case, a person can make an additional payment to the minimum insurance premium.

    From April 30, 2022, the amount of the supplement for previous years is calculated from the current level of the minimum wage and the insurance premium.

    In particular, the minimum insurance contribution today is UAH 1,430 (minimum wage UAH 6,500 multiplied by 22%).

    The Pension Fund gives an example:

    The person needs to pay extra for January 2010. The minimum wage in January 2010 was UAH 869, the person was paid a salary of UAH 700, from which UAH 246.4 was paid at the current insurance premium rate at that time.

    For the purpose of enrolling January 2010 in the insurance period as full, given that the minimum insurance premium at the time of payment (May 2022) is UAH 1,430, it will be necessary to pay extra for this period 1183.6 UAH (1430 UAH – 246.4 UAH = 1183.6 UAH).

    But you can find out if a person has incomplete months of experience online on the website using the OK-5 certificate or in person at the Pension Fund office (you need to have a passport and an identification code with you). If there is not enough experience, you can immediately apply for a surcharge.

    Retirement rules changed

    Earlier we said that Ukrainians were given the right to retire early, namely – one and a half years before reaching retirement age and in the presence of a full insurance period, in the event of termination of the employment contract due to staff reduction or liquidation of the company.

    Another innovation is the possibility of early retirement for mothers and parents of large familiesas well as those who have dependent children with rare severe diseases that do not have an established disability.

    And also for those women who gave birth five or more children and brought them up to the age of six, who are raising a child with a disability (after 50 years and with 15 years of experience).

    If we are talking about the father, then the right to early exit for a well-deserved rest is for men who bring up on their own five or more children or children with disabilities (upon reaching the age of 55 and having 20 years of insurance experience).

    “Segodnya” used to write about which Ukrainians will start accruing pensions in a new way, and they told who will receive payments by 1.5 thousand UAH more.

    Source: Segodnya

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