Stock market: positive Europe in the final with New York, Milan + 0.7%

China, the rigid anti-Covid policy reduces consumption and production (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 17 – European stock exchanges positive in the final even if below the session highs, while US prices grow after favorable macro data on the retail sales (+ 0.9%) and industrial production front in April (+ 1.1%). They hold Frankfurt (+ 1.14%), Madrid (+ 1.17%), Paris (+ 0.9%), and Milan (+ 0.7%), while London limits the increase to 0.6%. The differential between German BTPs and Bunds settled at 192.3 points, with the annual yield on ten-year bonds increasing by 11 points to 2.955%. Progress similar to that marked by other European securities on the hypothesis of new rate hikes by the Fed and a similar intervention by the ECB to tackle the rise in inflation. Crude oil remains at 115 dollars per barrel (WTI + 0.66%), while gas reduces the run to 0.89% to 93.69 euros per MWh in the Amsterdam market. US weekly inventories (API) are expected to drop by 0.45 million barrels in the evening, following a rise of 1.6 billion on Tuesday. The speeches of Fed President Jerome Powell and ECB number one Christine Lagarde are also on the way, while the hawk Klaas Knot, governor of the Dutch Central Bank, defined a 0.5% rise in ECB rates as “realistic” in the event of further worsening of inflation.

The purchases reward semiconductor manufacturers Asml and Stm (both + 2.5%) and Asm (+ 1.88%) on the assumption of a loosening of the Chinese squeeze on the sector and an increase in prices by Samsung. Repsol (+ 2.76%), Shell (+ 1.4%), BP (+ 1.1%) and Eni (+ 1%) increases. Sprint by Saras (+ 5.72%) on the long wave of the quarterly report and analyst evaluations. Luxury did well with Prosus (+ 5.27%), Llp (+ 5.1%), Pandora (+ 3.64%) and Zalando (+ 2.39%). (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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