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Publishing: Athesis launches TuttoIts, a new brand dedicated to ITS

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(ANSA) – VERONA, MAY 17 – ITS, post-diploma academies with high technical and technological specialization, with an extraordinarily high employment rate – 80% one year after graduation – are so far the best tool in Italy for align job demand-supply between companies and schools. But they are also little known, often confused (for the acronym) with the ITIS, the old State Industrial Technical Institutes.

To access a spotlight on these academies, which have existed for 15 years – also mentioned by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in his inauguration speech – the Athesis publishing group is launching a new initiative, TuttoITS, the first independent news brand dedicated to ITS in Italy.

It is a real digital vertical (from the website www.tuttoits.it to the profiles on the main social networks) created by Athesis to tell the world of Higher Technical Institutes in a clear, simple and rigorous way. “TuttoITS – explains Athesis CEO Matteo Montan – was born from the desire of a territorial reality like ours, rooted in the north-east that is the cradle of ITS, to go beyond its geographical borders to tell an ecosystem of institutes, companies and people in strong expansion throughout Italy and with enormous potential “.

TuttoITS is aimed at students and their families, companies and all Italian ITS, deals with orientation, the world of work and the relationship between companies and ITS, examines the new regulations, tells about the technological innovations made possible by ITS for individual companies and keeps an updated map of the geography of ITS on the entire national territory. The new newsbrand has an entirely digital identity distributed on multiple channels: website, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and TikTok (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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