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Stock Exchange: Milan down (-0.8%) with oil, Unicredit good

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Exports to Russia collapse, energy imports fly (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 18 – Mid-week session in decline for Piazza Affari (-0.8%), as for the majority of the other main European stock exchanges, in the 84th day of the war in Ukraine.

In Milan oil prices fell, with a thud by Saipem (-5.1%), while the plants of Tenaris (-0.6%) and Eni (-0.7%) did less badly. Equally badly Amplifon (-5.1%), suffering Campari (-3.1%). Cars are down, from Ferrari (-3.1%) to Stellantis (-1.6%), with the April market data in red. Negative Tim (-2.9%) and among the pharmaceuticals especially Diasorin (-2.5%). Few stocks were positive, with Iveco at the top of the main list (+ 2.3%) and Cnh up (+ 0.2%).

Among the strong banks Unicredit (+ 2%), with press rumors about a merger with Commerzbank, blocked by the conflict, flat Intesa (+ 0.02%), in red the others, by Banco Bpm (-0.8% ) to Bper (-0.4%) and to Mps (-1.4%). Mediobanca down (-2.4%), with analysts doubting about a takeover of Delfin and which, according to Consob updates as of May 16, closed the securities lending on the 4.42% of Generali and returned to holding 12.776% of the company. The paytech Nexi is heavy (-4.1%), in the luxury sector Moncler (-3.4%). Some utilities did well, starting with Terna (+ 1.6%) and Snam (+ 1.2%), purchased a LNG carrier from Golar Lng, which undertook to convert it to storage and regasification units, in the Prysmian industry (+ 0.9%).

Among the smaller capitalization stocks, Aquafil rallies (+ 9.7%) and Autostrade Meridinali’s crash (-6.5%). Very suffering Wiit (-5.4%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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