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The fuel market will go crazy: what awaits drivers at gas stations in the near future

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Experts told what Ukrainian drivers should prepare for due to fuel shortage

Gas station prices will go up, and there will be no more gasoline / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

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In the near future, after the abolition of state regulation of gasoline prices, it will not be possible to ensure the fuel price declared by the government (UAH 52-58 per liter).

Experts told about this “Today” in an exclusive material.

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According to market participants, due to shortages, businesses and farmers bought out all small wholesale lots, which led to rising cost of energy resources.

“Wholesale prices have not been growing for a week now, diesel stays at the level of UAH 65-63 per fuel standard. We can say that prices have even dropped a little. A week ago, diesel in wholesale cost UAH 70 per liter. You need to understand that while the wholesale price will be higher than at gas stations, fuel will not appear at gas stations,” Prime Group founder Dmitry Leushkin said.

The expert claims that it is farmers and businesses that are now shaping the demand for wholesale lots, because they are afraid of not having time to do all the necessary field work.

Leushkin believes that in the near future there will be no more fuel at gas stations, because imports, although growing, still exceed supply.

“Over time, filling station networks that respect themselves and their customers will fill up, and it will become easier to buy fuel every day,” says Leushkin.

When will petrol be available?

Experts cannot say the exact dates when the deficit will be eliminated and gasoline will be sold without restrictions.

Most are sure that by the end of the month the queues will become smaller, and in two months the new logistics will be completely adjusted.

The problem is that traders, although they contracted the necessary resources, but cannot deliver them from European ports to Ukraine.

“The issue is being resolved, the same Poles are surprised at our pace, but it still takes time. It is expected that it will take two months. This is provided that nothing happens, and anything can happen in a war,” says the director of the consulting company A-95 Sergey Kuyun.

What will happen to prices?

According to experts, in the near future there will be a shortage of fuel on the market and prices will fluctuate range of 55-70 UAH per liter.

When the market is saturated, they will go down, but it is impossible to give a specific time.

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Source: Segodnya

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