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    Gasoline fever attacks Ukraine: methods of treatment and terms of recovery

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    We are looking for without injection “light at the end of refueling” and briefly tell when the benzo boom will end. We don’t panic! We refuel … with patience and positive.

    We offer an informational vaccine against gasoline fever. / Photo: Collage: Today

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    New rules at gas stations have caused the fuel market to go crazy. Ukrainian drivers are in a panic, all nervous and ready to tear each other to pieces at gas stations.

    With wide bulging eyes, people scatter even the most expensive fuel, including M95 gasoline. (below – Help about what it is).

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    Until it’s not too late, we recommend you take our informational vaccineotherwise the gasoline fever will finish off your last nerves.

    Dose 1. Thoughts at the gas station

    Before you learn the truth about the timing of the return of fuel to Ukraine, relax and try to smile, imagining yourself in the place of the driver who left this comment while standing in line at the gas station:

    Typical thoughts of a Ukrainian standing in line at a gas station.

    Typical thoughts of a Ukrainian standing in line at a gas station.

    If that doesn’t make you smile, watch the gas scammers get active and don’t fall for their funny tricks:

    Funny gasoline scheme "divorcé" in Telegram.

    Funny gasoline scheme “divorcé” in Telegram.

    Dose 2. The Truth About Gasoline Availability and Prices

    Our journalists interviewed a dozen experts about the gasoline crisis. Almost everyone is sure that by the end of the month (May!) gasoline will return to almost all gas stations, and the queues will become noticeably smaller. The situation will stabilize in July, when new logistics will be established.

    Director of the consulting company A-95 Sergey Kuyun – perhaps the most authoritative fuel expert in Ukraine, explains the situation as follows:

    Traders have contracted the necessary resources, but they cannot deliver them from European ports, refineries, oil depots to Ukraine. The issue is being resolved, the same Poles are surprised at our pace, but it still takes time. Two months…

    Experts predict that in the near future, when there will still be a shortage of fuel on the market (until the end of May), the cost of a liter of gasoline and diesel will fluctuate in the range of UAH 55-70 per liter. From June, prices will gradually go down.

    And this is how Ukrainians think.  15,850 people voted.

    And this is how Ukrainians think. 15,850 people voted.

    booster dose. Nature is recovering

    Let’s look for pluses even in crises. And the main one is in front of the nose, which no longer inhales the aromas of exhaust gases!

    The less gasoline – the less cars on the roads – the cleaner the air that our children will breathe … Nature is recovering thanks to the gasoline crisis! (There should be a smiley here. Imagine it).

    Reference “Today”

    What is M95 gasoline

    For those who have read it, a small intellectual bonus is knowledge. One of the most popular queries on Google right now is: “what is M95 gasoline”. We explain!

    This is an elite type of gasoline – Mustang. It is sold by one of the filling networks. There are analogues in other networks – Pulls 95 and Ventus. In fact, this is an improved A-95 due to special additives that improve engine performance. This gasoline could be priced higher than the regular A95.

    We don’t panic! Everything will be Ukraine!

    Source: Segodnya

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