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    This will save your money: how to pay with a card so as not to become a victim of scammers

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    We tell you how to pay for goods and services with cards and accounts in order to protect yourself from data and money theft


    How to protect card and account data / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Most people know that pin codes, passwords and CVV codes of cards are not allowed to be shared with strangers. However, even without this data, scammers find ways to steal money.

    In the project of the National Bank Financial Literacy Ukraine, they explained how best to pay in order not to be at risk of data and money theft.

    What additional protection for cards and accounts

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    To protect card details from prying eyes, you can pay with your smartphone. For example, in stores you can pay for goods using Google Pay or Apple Pay.

    Experts explain that this method more secure, as Apple Pay requires confirmation of Face ID (an authentication method using face recognition), Touch ID (a method of authentication using a fingerprint), or a password.

    “In both cases, with both Google Pay and Apple Pay, the card data is securely encrypted, the card number turns into a unique payment code that cannot be faked,” – the message says.

    How to connect

    To connect to Apple Pay, you need to do the following:

    • open the Wallet app;
    • manually enter payment card data or scan card data using a smartphone camera;
    • then you need to confirm the addition of the card. To do this, you need to enter the SMS code from the bank.

    To set up payment with Google Pay, you need to:

    • open the Google Pay app;
    • add card details in the same way as Apple Pay;
    • make sure that the smartphone meets the standards and has the technical capabilities to make such payments.

    In addition, voice biometrics can be used to protect data. This is a special technology that creates biometric voice casts of customers. This allows identify a person by a combination of unique voice characteristics and provides additional protection for accounts and personal data.

    “That is, if you call the bank’s contact center, the system will quickly recognize you by your voice. Such identification speeds up service and protects your funds, since no one except you can perform any operation by contacting the bank’s contact center on your behalf”, – the message says.

    NBU temporarily reduced the monthly limit on cash withdrawals abroad

    Earlier, Segodnya was told that the National Bank temporarily reduced the monthly limit for withdrawing cash abroad from hryvnia accounts opened in Ukrainian banks to UAH 50,000 equivalent (from UAH 100,000, as it was before).

    At the same time, citizens will continue to be able to withdraw cash abroad from foreign currency accounts, opened in banks, within the daily limit of 100 thousand UAH.

    It remains possible to pay for the cost of goods, works and services, most of which can continue to be produced without restrictions.

    We talked about other changes from the National Bank. Now the NBU released the dollar and banks were allowed to sell the currency at any rate. “Today” with experts figured out what the real value of the dollar can be and what goods will rise in price in the first place.

    We also wrote whether the list of banks authorized by the state to pay pensions will change and what will happen to the deposits of Ukrainians during the war.


    Source: Segodnya

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