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Giovannini, global commitment on the battle for sustainability

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(ANSA) – ASSISI (PERUGIA), 21 MAY – “The battle for sustainability is necessarily a common commitment of the whole world and the internationality of Assisi, and I would also say its ecumenical nature, helps us to get into the right spirit.

Today’s event, which therefore brings together people from all over the world, and which will then continue in Rome, is an opportunity to show that these values ​​are becoming universal “: the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility told ANSA, Enrico Giovannini, in the Umbrian city to participate in the Assisi & Rome Roundtable 2022 international summit and make his contribution to the theme “Cooperative globalization – Navigating together in the unknown, towards a peaceful and global coexistence”.

The event – scheduled today and tomorrow in Assisi and Monday 23 May with the Roman session – is organized by the Global foundation which has thus involved about fifty personalities of international prestige, representing the worlds of finance, economics and professions. and also of religions, also to sign an agreement aimed at supporting urgent actions to prevent the effects of climate change on future generations and work for an ecologically sustainable planet.

From Assisi, the summit of the Roundtable, as explained by the organizers, will immediately make itself available to the Italian government to make the sustainable development goals operational and the G20 will also be asked to assess whether the current world of finance “is actually at the service of peoples, the planet and their current and future prosperity, and to formulate specific political guidelines to support the global financial system and its supervision and regulation in compliance with the Paris Agreement with greater coherence “. “The G20 under the Italian presidency – underlined Giovannini – managed to bring these issues to the center of the debate overcoming considerable resistance and now Indonesia is building, unfortunately in this difficult international climate, new steps in this direction”. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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