Less product same price, Antitrust lighthouse on shrinkflation

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(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 24 – The Antitrust lights a beacon on “Shrinkflation”, that particular marketing technique through which companies reduce the quantity of product in the packaging, keeping prices substantially unchanged.

The Authority said the general director for consumer protection, Giovanni Calabrò at the hearing of the Commission of Inquiry on the protection of consumers and users, “is monitoring the phenomenon in order to verify whether it may have relevance for the purposes of applying the Consumer Code, with particular reference to the discipline on unfair commercial practices “.

Calabrò therefore assured that “the Authority is well aware of the phenomenon” and in addition to the growing attention paid by the press – which has repeatedly raised the alarm on the “shrinkage” of the packaging of products, especially food and home hygiene – specifies that he has received a report from a consumer association about this conduct. The head of the Antitrust Authority underlines that “what is relevant is not the reduction in itself of the quantity of product contained in the package – a prima facie legitimate business decision – but the transparency of this change towards the consumer. In this sense – he concludes – such conduct the decrease in the quantity of product for the same size of the package, in the absence of an adequate warning on the front label, could be considered worthy of further study “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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