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Stock Exchange: Europe continues in the red after Wall Street

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 24 – European stock markets continue their decline after the negative start of Wall Street. Investors’ attention is focused on the moves of central banks on the subject of monetary policy. After the words of Christine Largarde from Davos, invoking caution on rates, the intervention of Fed chairman Jerome Powell is expected in the evening. Spotlights on the price trend of raw materials, including gas and oil.

The stoxx 600 area index fell by 0.55%. In decline Paris (-1%), Frankfurt (-0.9%), Milan (-0.7%). Madrid dishes (+ 0.06%) and London (+ 0.07%). Utilities weigh on the lists (-1.9%), with the price of gas marking a rise of 0.87% to 84 euros per MWh. Energy was also bad (-1.1%), with WTI crude oil falling to 110 dollars a barrel and Brent rising to 113 dollars.

Negative performance also for the automotive equity sector which lost 1%. Banks are on the rise (+ 1.3%) while insurance is down by 0.3%. Pharmaceuticals did well (+ 0.4%), with international attention on the monkeypox front. On the currency side, the euro against the dollar is up to 1.0721 in London. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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