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    Without salt, vegetables and buckwheat? Prices for other products will skyrocket

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    The fighting affects the range of grocery stores in Ukraine


    We tell you what else can disappear from store shelves / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Due to the war, the assortment of goods in grocery stores is constantly changing. Only recently supermarkets have established supplies of dairy products, as Ukrainian salt began to disappear from the shelves. Ukrainian housewives are already worried, because the season of conservation preparations is ahead. Added to this is the shortage of fuel. Buckwheat and other cereals are getting more expensive. The range of vegetables also leaves much to be desired.

    “Today” figured out what else could rise in price or disappear from store shelves in the near future.

    Salt in exchange for an apartment

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    After the largest Ukrainian enterprise in Europe for the production of table salt “Artyomsol” (Donetsk region) suspended its work due to hostilities, their products began to disappear in stores.

    According to retail chains, the last deliveries of the cheapest salt, which a month ago was sold at 9 UAH per kilogram package, were in April, and since then there have been no deliveries. As a result, people, on the rumors of a shortage of this product, rushed to the stores and bought up the stock leftovers.

    Only more expensive imported salt remained on the shelves – from 18-20 UAH per kilogram. And some stores even raised the price of Ukrainian salt to almost UAH 100 per kilogram. At least a photo with a price tag 95 UAH roamed the web. After that, one of the pranksters even posted an ad on the OLX website about exchanging a bag of salt for an apartment in Kyiv.

    Jokes are jokes, and until the resumption of the work of the enterprise, there will be no cheap products in stores. According to representatives of retail chains, imported products are at least twice as expensive as Ukrainian ones. In addition, short-term supply disruptions are possible, because it takes time to establish imports from abroad.

    Moreover, the housewives are worried that among the imported products there is little coarse grinding salt, which is ideal for conservation, and salt, which we call “Extra”, is more common. The latter is more suitable for making marinades.

    Buckwheat is again a delicacy

    Another unpleasant surprise was given to Ukrainians by buckwheat groats. This popular product has already risen in price to 70-80 UAH per kilogram. And this is not the limit. The International Buckwheat Association said that the price will be even higher – at the level of 90-100 UAH per kilogram.

    The reasons are simple – Ukraine does not grow the required volume of this cereal. The state did not provide sufficient subsidies to farmers for this crop. As a result, we purchased all the missing volume in … Russia. After the start of the war, naturally, there was a shortage in the market.

    In addition, our farmers purchased seed from the aggressor country. This year, even fewer areas were sown than usual. And even despite the fact that many Ukrainians have gone abroad and do not buy buckwheat in Ukraine, the demand for this cereal next season will exceed supply.

    Occupiers export vegetables to Crimea

    Due to the occupation of the Kherson region, Ukrainian consumers are at risk of being left without a number of vegetables that are traditionally grown in this region. The occupiers do not allow goods to enter Ukraine, but instead they bring Ukrainian crops to Crimea.

    “Russians in Crimea are happy with cheap early vegetables brought from Kherson. No one there cares that this crop was stolen from Ukrainians. Our region is an agricultural region that supplied vegetables to the entire country. First, the invaders cut off the temporarily occupied Kherson region from Ukraine, and then forced them to sell vegetables for a penny, actually robbing. On other people’s deaths and grief, the invaders rejoice at cheap and stolen vegetables, “said Sergey Khlon, a deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

    Local publications report that due to the inability to sell vegetables, the prices for these products in the Kherson region have fallen “below the plinth”. So, for example, young cabbage last week was sold at 10 UAHradish by 3 UAHand cucumbers 10 UAH per kilogram. This is 3-7 times cheaperwhat this product costs in the controlled territories.

    Now farmers from the western regions are trying to increase the production of traditional crops that were previously grown in the Kherson region – first of all, we are talking about tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and onions. Most likely, Ukraine will have to buy more imported products this season, which will affect prices.

    Also in the summer we run the risk of being left without watermelons and melons, which are traditionally grown in the Kherson region. Imported products will be at least twice as expensive.

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    Source: Segodnya

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