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    Borscht in Ukraine has risen in price significantly: what products have increased in price the most

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    We tell you how much it will cost on average for Ukrainians to cook borscht for a family


    Products will cost Ukrainians a little more than it was before the war / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    The Ukrainian borscht cooking cost index increased by 7% during the war. Cooking a traditional Ukrainian dish is becoming more and more expensive.

    This was reported to Segodnya in the food delivery service Zakaz.ua.

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    So, as of the fourth month of the war in Ukraine, we can conclude that almost all the ingredients of the Ukrainian national dish, except for white cabbage and beets, have increased in price. Cabbage and beets fell in price by 33% and 14% respectively. Most increased in price:

    • sunflower oil – by 35%, the average cost of which in the capital’s supermarkets is 55 UAH;
    • tomato paste – by 30%. As of May 23, it costs an average of UAH 41, while in February the price was UAH 32;
    • potatoes – by 24%;
    • carrots and onions – by 20%;
    • meat – by 8%.

    Product price dynamics

    Product price dynamics / Photo: zakaz.ua

    Note that the borscht index is the average cost of preparing a traditional dish according to a classic recipe. It is calculated by analogy with the international Big Mac index.

    How much does it cost to cook borsch for a family?

    If we take as a basis the classic recipe for borsch with the expectation of 3.5-4 liters, then we can say that on May 23, 2022, on average, Ukrainians will cost at 113 UAH, which is 7% more expensive than in the pre-war period as of February 23.

    Recipe of borsch

    Recipe of borsch / Photo: zakaz.ua

    The most expensive ingredient in a borscht set is meat, which adds more than half the cost to the dish. So, without meat, the dish costs about 50 UAH, which, in turn, does not differ significantly from the pre-war one – in February, lean borscht cost 47.2 UAH.

    How did the price change during the war

    How did the price change during the war / Photo: zakaz.ua

    Ukraine faces food shortage

    Earlier, Segodnya was told that since the Russians occupied a quarter of the territory of Ukraine, where Bell pepper (and this is 25% on the territory of the Kherson region), the greatest shortage should be expected of this particular vegetable. At the same time, the main part of sweet pepper for sale (93%) was grown in individual farms.

    It is because of the occupation that the Ukrainians actually lost their sales markets and their single income, and Ukraine, in general, lost most of the crop of heat-loving vegetables.

    In order to overcome the shortage of sweet pepper, in Ukraine they offer expand the cultivation area in the controlled territories and increase the volume of product imports. In 2021, vegetables were imported to Ukraine mainly from Turkey.

    Segodnya also discussed with experts what other goods will be in short supply in Ukraine, and also wrote how the lack of salt will affect Europe and the world as a whole.


    Source: Segodnya

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