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Stock market: positive Europe awaits Wall Street, Milan + 0.5%

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 26 – European stock exchanges continue to rise pending the start of Wall Street where futures are positive. A serene climate returns to the markets after the minutes of the Fed which, according to analysts, would show a less aggressive position than expected on the monetary policy front.

The issue of inflation and the confidence of businesses and households is on the agenda, while the next moves by the ECB are awaited. On the currency front, the euro against the dollar rose slightly to 1.0717 in London.

The stoxx 600 area index gains 0.3%. Well Madrid (+ 0.9%), Frankfurt (+ 0.6%), Paris (+ 0.7%), Milan (+ 0.5%) and London (+ 0.1%). The main European lists are supported by the advance of the energy sector (+ 1.1%), with the price of oil on the rise. WTI rises to 111 dollars a barrel and Brent to 114 dollars.

Among the other equity sectors, the automotive sector (+ 1%) and finance (+ 0.3%) also advanced. Utilities fell (-0.1%), with the price of gas falling. In Amsterdam, prices drop to 85.2 euros per MWh (-3.2%).

Saipem rally (+ 5.2%) in Piazza Affari, grappling with the financial maneuver and in line with the energy sector.

Tenaris (+ 1.1%) and Eni (+ 0.3%) also did well. On the positive side, the utilities where Hera stands out (+ 2.2%). A2a (+ 0.9%), Enel (+ 0.7%), Snam (+ 0.4%) also advanced. At the bottom of the main price list Stm (-1.5%). Also in the red Campari (-0.6%) and Amplifon (-0.6%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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