Edison: new 3,600 kw hydroelectric plant in Lombardy

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(ANSA) – PALESTRO, MAY 27 – Edison has inaugurated the new hydroelectric plant in Palestro (Pavia), on the Sesia river, with a power of 3,600 kw and capable of satisfying the energy needs of 4,500 families.

The plant, well integrated into the territory, has the possibility of producing an average of about 13,500,000 kWh per year, capable of avoiding the emission of about 6,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The plant, built by Edison’s engineering department, was built in 18 months.

The overall investment was approximately 10 million euros.

100 workers, 15 engineers and 12 specialized companies took part in the site, for a total of over 72,000 hours worked. Citizens residing in the Provinces of Pavia, Vercelli and Novara also participated in the construction of the Palestro plant, joining the crowdfunding campaign launched by Edison in 2018.

Edison’s industrial plan provides for an increase in installed renewable capacity from 2 to 5 Gw, through investments of 3 billion euros by 2030.

“The Palestro plant is a new step in the development of Edison which has been investing, building and managing hydroelectric plants for over 120 years, thanks to a unique heritage of excellence and professionalism”, says Edison’s CEO, Nicola Monti.

Hydropower is a “key sector in the energy transition process, being the country’s leading renewable energy source”, highlights Marco Stangalino, executive vice president of Power Asset Edison. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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