Stock Exchange: Europe cautiously looks to Ukraine, Milan flat

Tourists from the US and the Gulf are back, Italian fashion recovers (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 27 – European stock exchanges are cautious with their eyes always on Ukraine. The area index of the Old Continent, the stoxx 600, rises by more than a quarter of a point with the support of the technologies that have already influenced the Asian markets with Alibaba and Baidu beating the sales forecasts.

Weak energy with the gas in decline and that has also touched up the lows since the pre-war. In Amsterdam the price is 83.4 euros (-3%). Oil was flat with the wti at 114 dollars a barrel and brent over 117 dollars a barrel (+ 0.2%).

Among the individual squares, Frankfurt (+ 0.47%) and Paris (+ 0.67%) remain positive while London is flat (-0.03%) as well as Milan (Ftse Mib + 0.01% at 24,532 points) with the banking companies Fineco (-1.5%), Unicredit (-0.97%) and Saipem (-1.24%). The spread between the BTPs and the Bund, which has reached 193 points, is at 191.8 points with the Italian ten-year yield reaching 2.9 per cent.

On the foreign exchange front, the decline in the ruble against the euro and the dollar continues, already slowing yesterday after the Russian central bank cut interest rates from 14 to 11%. Moscow’s currency yields 4.6% on the single currency and 4.5% on the greenback.

At the current exchange rate for one euro you need 72.3 rubles and for one dollar you need 67.3 rubles. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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