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“Salt or diesel fuel? That is the question!”: The Internet is teeming with new jokes amid shortages

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We show what memes are being spread around salt in Ukraine by Internet users

Hundreds of memes have already been created about the hype around salt / Photo: Collage: Today, “Today”

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We’ve shown memes about the gas crisis before. However, after that, everyone began to actively discuss a new topic – the lack of salt in stores and exorbitant prices.

“Today” monitored social networks and show how Ukrainians react to the hype around salt.

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There is still a shortage of gasoline, and now the hype around salt is giving Ukrainians problems. What to buy – salt or gasoline – is really a question.

At a time like this, some would find this kind of barter very handy.

And some Ukrainians are already creating business ideas. The queues in our lives really could become less.

Creativity is like that.

Values ​​change over time. The concept of wealth has changed in favor of salt.

There are problems of choice not only for ordinary consumers, but also for investors. Today they really have enough options for investment.

However, some people are not worried at all. Salt problem can be solved simply…

Around the salt in vain spread panic?

Earlier we wrote that there are several factors that led to the fact that salt in Ukraine has risen in price. Because of the war, many enterprises in Ukraine no longer operate. In addition, retail warehouses have been lost. There were also logistical problems due to the war. Therefore, prices have risen both for goods and for their production components.

Added to this is also the burden on regional markets, because many were forced to move to other regions of the country. After all, the season of households for pickles has begun.

However, experts say that there will be enough salt for shops and people do not need to worry. Problems may arise however, they will be felt by manufacturing industries, and in winter by utilities.

Segodnya was also told that consumer inflation in Ukraine accelerated to 16.4% on an annualized basis, since the beginning of this year prices have increased by 10.9%, and if compared with March, then by 3.1%.

In addition, we figured out with experts what other goods will be in short supply in Ukraine while the war continues.

Source: Segodnya

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