Stock market: Milan goes up (+ 0.65%), Moncler and Tim sprint, Snam down

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(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 30 – Piazza Affari remains positive in the last half hour of trading, with the Ftse Mib index up by 0.65% to 24,792 points. The differential between BTPs and German Bunds settled at 195 basis points, with the annual yield on ten-year bonds reducing the rise to 10.66 basis points to 2.995%, again below the 3% threshold.

In the light of Interpump (+ 4.66%) and Moncler (+ 4.22%), the latter in line with the rest of the luxury sector in Europe after the easing of restrictions in China due to Covid.

Spotlight on Tim (+ 2.75%), driven by analysts’ assessments following the memorandum of understanding on the integration between its own fiber network and that of Open Fiber. Purchases also from Pirelli (+ 2.05%), Poste (+ 1.89%) and Stellantis (+ 1.94%), which will also produce in Atessa the new van resulting from the collaboration with Toyota. Positive sign for Recordati (+ 1.76%), Stm (+ 1.79%), in line with the trend of the sector after the increases recorded in Asia, Iveco (+ 1.49%) and Prysmian (+1, 41%).

The rise in crude oil (WTI + 0.61% to 115.82 dollars a barrel) does not favor Eni (-0.14%), while Saipem rises (+ 1.39%), which has signed an agreement for an alliance on marine wind farms, and Tenaris (+ 1.31%). Not good for Snam (-1.5%) Hera (-1.45%), Terna (-1.1%), Enel (-1.13%) and Italgas (-0.99%) as in the rest of the sector in Europe. Positive were the banks Bper (+ 0.05%), Intesa (+ 0.66%), Banco Bpm (+ 1%) and Unicredit (+ 1.22%).


Source: Ansa

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