Is the course far from reality? How much is a dollar really worth in Ukraine

The expert told why even the black market does not reflect the real situation with the exchange rate

In Ukraine, none of the three dollar rates reflects reality / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

In Ukraine, none of the three hryvnia rates (official, black market, bank rate) reflects the real situation.

This was stated by financial market analyst Ivan Uglyanitsa in a comment to

According to him, even the overvalued exchange rate on the black market is far from the market one, because for him too restrictions apply.

The real market rate, according to the analyst, is estimated at 55-60 UAH/USD

“Because even the “black” market is cash, I think that it is also far from the market one, since it is also subject to the same restrictions as the big market. And there, too, volumes have fallen significantly,” Uglyanitsa said.

The expert stressed that today in Ukraine it is possible to accrue three hryvnia ratesbut the real exchange rate can be estimated based on the assessment of the fall of the economy.

“60 UAH/USD. I keep it in my head. Now half of the economy is not really working, maybe even more. There are practically no exports, some imports remain that cannot be cut: energy, food, and so on,” the analyst believes.

What happens to the dollar on the black market?

On the black market, the value of the US currency is gradually falling after a recent surge.

Average sales rate on May 31 at the level of UAH 35.97, and purchases – UAH 35.71.

The lowest sales rate found among the ads is UAH 35.83/USD, and the highest is UAH 36.4/USD.

The fall began on Friday, May 27, and accelerated until Tuesday, the 31st.

Segodnya previously wrote what would happen to the dollar before the end of this week, and told how the West influences the state and value of the hryvnia.

Source: Segodnya

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