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Stock market: Europe down with Wall Street open negative

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Ita Airways renews itself in the name of made in Italy (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 31 – After the negative opening of Wall Street, the main European stock exchanges continue to decline in the 97th day of war in Ukraine. Already weighed down by record inflation in the Eurozone, the worst is Paris (-1.3%), followed by Frankfurt (-1.1%) and Madrid (-0.6%), while London holds (+0). , 3%). The performance of Milan was similar (-0.9%), with the BTP-Bund spread at 201.7 points and the Italian ten-year yield at 3.133%. Gold moved (+ 0.3%) to 1,854 dollars an ounce.

The spot price of natural gas in Europe rose, with futures in Amsterdam (+ 4%) at 95 euros per MWh and the same in London (+ 5.3%) at 190.7 pence per Mmbtu (British thermal unit) .

The area index of the Old Continent, Stoxx 600, drops 0.6%, weighed down above all by IT and finance. Semiconductors are losing, such as Asm (-2%) and Infineon (-1.5%). Banks are doing badly, with examples such as Commerzbank (-3.4%), Banco Santander (-2%) and Kbc (-2.5%), with exceptions such as Hsbc (+ 0.3%). Almost all cars are in the red, starting with Volvo (-3.7%) and Ferrari (-3.8%), with rare cases in contrast, such as Porsche (+ 2.3%).

In no particular order the pharmaceuticals, with some increases, as for Bayer (+ 0.2%), and a series of decreases, as for Merck (-3.2%) and Sanofi (-1.5%).

Strong oil, starting with Aker (+ 3.6%) and Lundin (+ 3.2%), with crude oil rising sharply (wti + 3.3%) at 118.9 dollars a barrel and brent at 123.7 dollars, after the agreement at the European summit on the embargo on Russian black gold. In no particular order telecommunications, with a series of stocks that are gaining, such as Tim (+ 3.4%) and Telefonica (+ 1.5%), and others that are losing, such as Tele2 (-0.9%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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