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Prices: Assoutenti, from oil seeds to bread new records in May

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Caro-petrol, a new government intervention possible (ANSA)

Retail prices recorded new very heavy records in May, with some items marking annual increases between + 70% and + 100%. This was reported by Assoutenti who, on the basis of the latest Istat inflation data, has drawn up a map of the increases that have hit the pockets of Italians in the last month.
In May, the record price increases belong to international airline tickets, which on an annual basis have increased by + 103.3% – analyzes Assoutenti – Electricity has risen by + 73.5% while for seed oil it is necessary to spend the 70.2% more.
Gas increased by + 66.3% compared to May 2021, diesel oil for heating by + 47.5% while LPG and methane rose by + 43.6%.
In particular in the food sector, in addition to seed oil, heavy increases were recorded for butter (+ 22.6%), flour (+ 18.6%), pasta (+ 16.6%), but they cost much more also chicken (+ 13.8%), eggs (+ 12.3%) and ice cream (+ 11.2%). An “unsustainable” situation that will bring consumers to the streets on 10 June for the “protest of empty pots”.

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Source: Ansa

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