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Fines: it is jungle for the costs of assessment

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The Trento Festival of Economics seen by young people (ANSA)

“There are currently no objective quantification criteria set by the legislator on the costs of ascertaining road fines and each local authority acts according to its full discretion, often perpetrating obvious abuses”. This was reported by the Antitrust during a recent hearing in the Parliamentary Commission for the protection of consumers, highlighting the variability of these costs imposed by the municipalities on citizens, which can even reach 15 euros per penalty.
Currently, on the basis of the provisions of Agcom, the overall rate for the costs of notification of judicial documents by post is fixed at a flat rate of 9.50 euros and includes the costs of related communications (CAN and CAD).
Article 201, paragraph 4 of the Highway Code provides that “the costs of assessment and notification are charged to whoever is required to pay the pecuniary administrative sanction”. The provision essentially allows the transgressor to be charged both for notification costs and for ascertaining violations of the Highway Code.
From the analysis of some municipal council resolutions carried out by the Antitrust it emerges that each municipality, in the part dedicated to the determination of the assessment costs, includes the most varied and diverse items such as: printing costs, mailing costs, purchase and maintenance costs of palmtops for the detection of infringements, maintenance of equipment and service management software, self-mailing forms, preparation of the lists of registered letters, surveys of the databases of the Civil Motorization, etc. The amount of the verification costs alone, which are added to the notification costs (9.50 euros), varies from a minimum of 2.50 euros to a maximum of 10 euros. In some cases – underlines the Guarantor Authority – the discretion of the Municipalities denotes how they have also come to duplicate various items of expenditure. For example, a municipality includes both printing costs and costs for printer cartridges and ribbons.

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Source: Ansa

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