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The network of OKKO gas stations has raised the limit for some customers – who is lucky

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We tell you which of the gas station customers can refuel three times a day at the highest limit

OKKO raised limits for some Ukrainians / Photo: Getty Images, UNIAN, Collage: Today

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For BlaBlaCar drivers, the limit on the OKKO gas station network has been raised, now they can refuel up to 30 liters gasoline or diesel fuel at a time.

This was reported by the press service of BlaBlaCar.

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This decision was made in order to increase the efficiency of BlaBlaCar. in wartime conditions.

However, in order to refuel, the service driver must have the OKKO mobile application. with a Fishka loyalty card. After that, add the loyalty card number to your BlaBlaCar profile and scan your card at the gas station checkout.

After that, you can fill up to 30 liters “A-95”, Pulls 95 or diesel.

Please note that the limit is set for three hours and after this time you will be able to replenish the fuel supply again, but in general no more than three times a day.

“Green corridor” for fuel trucks

Cars with fuel from the EU began to arrive in Ukraine along the so-called “green corridor”. This means that border guards and customs officers first of all let cars with fuel through and, if necessary, open up additional lanes for them.

The State Border Service said that such a task was set by the country’s government in order to quickly overcome the gasoline crisis.

In neighboring EU countries, they are also trying prioritize fuel truckswho carry scarce fuel to Ukraine or empty ones go back for it.

Segodnya previously wrote how much gasoline costs at popular Ukrainian gas stations and told what will happen to the fuel shortage around the world in the near future.

Source: Segodnya

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