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Stock Exchange: Europe continues positive with energy and banks

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(ANSA) – MILAN, June 14 – European stock exchanges rebound after the negative performance of recent days due to fears of more aggressive interventions by central banks. The markets are taking profits while an uncertain climate remains in view of the Fed and the intervention of President Jerome Powell. On the currency front, the euro against the dollar rose slightly to 1.0463 in London.

The stoxx 600 area index gains 0.1%. Well London and Frankfurt (+ 0.2%), Madrid (+ 0.3%) while Paris is down (+ 0.3%). The lists are supported by banks (+ 1.4%) and by insurance companies (+ 0.2%), with the decrease in tension on government bonds and yields in decline.

Energy also did well (+ 0.5%), with the price of oil rising. WTI stood at 122 dollars a barrel (+ 0.8%) and Brent at 123 dollars (+ 0.9%). Utilities also rose with gas rising again. In Amsterdam, prices stood at 85.15 euros per MWH (+ 2.1%) in London they rose to 160 pennies per MWHU (+ 4.4%).

Session down for the automotive sector (-0.4%). Pharmaceuticals are also bad (-0.2%). On the raw materials front, gold fell to 1,828 dollars an ounce (-1.6%) and silver to 21.30 dollars (-1.2%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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