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Stock Exchange: Milan closes down sharply and burns 21.2 billion

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(ANSA) – MILAN, JUN 16 – A new difficult day for the markets after the announcement of the ECB measures and the fear of a US recession. The European lists ended the session in sharp decline with Milan (-3.3%) which burned 21.2 billion in capitalization. Nervousness also on the government bond front with the German Bund yield rising to 1.7% and the spread with the BTP closing down at 202 basis points. The Italian 10-year rate fell to 3.73%.

Stm slips into Piazza Affari (-6.3%). The energy sector is bad with Tenaris (-6.1%), Eni (-4.9%), while Saipem is bucking the trend (+ 2.5%). Utilities are bad, with the price of gas raising its head. A2a (-3%), Hera and Enel (-2.8%), Snam (-1.5%) are down. Difficult session also for the cars with Stellantis (-5.3%), Cnh (-4.6%), Iveco (-2%) and Ferrari (-0.7%).

The grip on banks is not loosened. Bper sells 4.2%, Unicredit (-3.2%), Intesa (-3.1%), Banco Bpm (-2.6%) and Mps (-1.4%). Sales also on Mfe with type B shares that sell 4.1% and Tim (-3.3%). In contrast to the main price lists Nexi (+ 1.1%) and Terna (+ 0.2%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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