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From bread to vegetables mega raises for the shopping cart

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From 2035, new petrol or diesel cars will no longer be sold (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 17 – After the last round of increases recorded in May, shopping costs 554 euros more than in May 2021. This was revealed by Assoutenti who took into consideration the mega increases for the most consumption which, in some cases, recorded double-digit spikes. With peaks reaching + 70% for seed oil, one of the products most linked to the effects of the war in Ukraine (together with Russia it produces 80% of world exports). Or like fish products which now cost an average of 10% more.

“The prices of food products recorded a record surge in May, increasing by + 7.4% compared to last year and even by + 1.2% in just one month – explains the president of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi – This means that a family , just to eat, he has to take into account a higher expenditure on average equal to +554 euros per year “.

“We are in the presence of a real alarm unfortunately destined to worsen in the coming months – continues Truzzi – The government cannot stand by and, in the face of what is an emergency, must adopt extraordinary measures to protect families and economy, immediately blocking the price of fuel and resorting to administered tariffs for primary goods such as food and energy “. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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