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From bread to vegetables, mega-price increases in the cart

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Sea, Acampora:

The shopping cart of Italians becomes more and more ‘light’ because it is more and more empty: from rise to rise in order to buy the same quantity of goods, you have to spend several hundred euros more. Also effect of the rise in fuel prices which, as is well known, immediately spread on consumer prices. So many, for example, weigh the goods on the scales that make up the price and then rest them on the shelves.
“The prices of food products recorded a record surge, increasing by + 7.4% compared to last year and even by + 1.2% in just one month. – explains the president of Assoutenti Furio Truzzi – This means that a family, just to eat, he has to take into account a higher expenditure on average equal to +554 euros per year “.

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“We are in the presence of a real alarm unfortunately destined to worsen in the coming months – continues Truzzi – The government cannot stand by and, in the face of what is an emergency, must adopt extraordinary measures to protect families and economy, immediately blocking the price of fuel and resorting to administered tariffs for primary goods such as food and energy “.

Here is a map of the price increases (trend data, May 2022 to May 2021):

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bread 9.6% rice 9.9% flour 18.7% pasta 20.5% meat 6.7% – of which poultry 13.8% packaged cured meats 6.1% fresh fish 8.6% seafood 11 , 4% shellfish 10.9% shellfish 10.6% fresh whole milk 6.1% fresh milk partially. skimmed 6.9% preserved milk 8.5% fresh cheeses 7.3% eggs 12.3% butter 23.3% olive oil 7.2% seed oil 70.2% fresh fruit 6.0% of which: – oranges 9.0% – pears 22.9% – apples 5.3% fresh vegetables 11.0% of which: – salad 8.5% – tomatoes 20.6% – roots, bulbs and mushrooms 8.6% potatoes 6.2% French fries 10.4% sugar 7.8% ice creams 11.0% sauces and dressings 6.8% coffee 5.0% mineral waters 7.1% fruit juices 7.9% table wines 2, 8% beer 3.0%


electricity 73.5% energy protected market 67.6% energy free market 74.7% city gas and natural gas protected market 62.3% heating oil 47.5% household furniture 6.8% refrigerators, freezers 6.4% air conditioners 8.1% coffee machines, kettles 8.1% small electrical appliances 7.1%

Source: Ansa

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