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Inland Revenue: Fabi, from real estate sale State treasury 50 billion

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Sea, Acampora:

(ANSA) – MILAN, 18 JUN – The entire galaxy of the State brick is worth 300 billion but a large part is in fact abandoned or scarcely used and, instead, could be made available for income. Hence – highlights an analysis by Fabi – the idea of ​​setting up, thanks to banks, ad hoc real estate funds with the aim of attracting large private resources, in order to be able to buy a substantial part of the building stock from public administrations. This operation, according to a conservative estimate, could divert at least 50 billion euros to the state coffers.

In essence, this is a sum, roughly corresponding to two financial laws that would allow doubling, for a period of 5 years, the financial dowry, equal to 10 billion per year, that the government is preparing to allocate, as part of the tax reform, in order to reduce the tax burden on income up to 35,000 euros.

The Fabi proposal aims to relaunch and enhance public real estate assets, leveraging, in particular, on important private financial resources: on the current accounts of Italian families, 1,640 billion lire lie without any return and a percentage of these savings could flow into these special real estate funds. A twofold objective would be achieved: to enhance the state brick with advantages for public finances and, at the same time, to use the savings of families, which are now non-interest bearing, towards a reform plan that ensures benefits to the community and to the country.

“With all that money, the government could cut the public debt that has reached 2.750 billion euros, or, and it is the preferable hypothesis, have more resources to lower taxes on workers and retirees, underlines the secretary general of Fabi. , Lando Maria Sileoni. (ANSA).

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Source: Ansa

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