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Prices: Unc, in Bolzano and Trento top increases for bills

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Work, Landini:

(ANSA) – ROME, JUN 18 – Bolzano (+ 112.9%), Trento (+ 109.2%) and Lodi (+ 79.8%) are the three Italian cities where there was the greatest increase in costs electricity and gas, while in Catania (+ 11.1%), Imperia (+ 11%) and Sassari (+ 10%) the greatest increases in food prices were recorded.

This is the result of a study by the National Consumers Union which has drawn up the complete ranking of the cities with the highest annual price increases for 2 items in the basket, food and drink, and electricity and gas, processing the latest Istat data for the month. of May.

Leading the ranking is Catania where for food and drinks there is an increase of 11.1% compared to May 2021, +643 euros in terms of increase in the cost of living for an average family, in second place Imperia, with an increase 11% of prices and an annual increase of 589 euros, Sassari with + 10% for the third.

Followed by Palermo (+ 9.9%), Teramo (+ 9.6%), Cosenza (+ 9.5%), in seventh place Ascoli Piceno (+ 9.3%), and then Trento, Gorizia, Pescara and Messina (all with 9.2%).

The cheapest city to eat and drink is Milan, where prices grow “only” by 4.7%, followed by Mantua (5%) and Como (5.2%).

For electricity, gas and other fuels, an item that includes electricity (protected and free market), gas, heating oil and solid fuels, in some cities the threshold of doubling has even been crossed.

Winning the ranking of the most harassed citizens is Bolzano, where expenses for electricity and gas take off by 112.9% on May 2021, followed by Trento, + 109.2%, again more than double. On the lowest step of the podium Lodi (+ 79.8%). All cities of Lombardy follow, a sign that in this region there have evidently been more speculations than elsewhere: Milan + 78.2%, Varese + 78.1%, Cremona + 77.4%, Lecco in seventh place with +76, 8%, Bergamo + 76.6%, Brescia and Mantua (both + 76.5%), Pavia (+ 76.4%) and Como (+ 76.2%).

The least disadvantaged cities are Sassari (+ 51.6%), Reggio Calabria (+ 52.1%), Cagliari and Naples (+ 53.2% for both).


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Source: Ansa

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