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Holidays for Ukrainians are over: how many people will be able to go on vacation this year

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We tell you how many people plan to take a vacation from work this year, and what is provided for by law during martial law

How many Ukrainians will be able to go on vacation during the war / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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During martial law in Ukraine, the conditions of labor relations have changed. A lot of workers were forced to go on unpaid leave, someone can work 12 hours a day, and some were left without work at all. Usually, the hot holiday season begins in the summer, but during a full-scale war with the Russian Federation, people have completely different plans.

Analysts of the grc.ua recruitment portal conducted a survey and told how many employees plan to take vacations in 2022.

Is it possible to take a rest during the war

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During martial law, you can go on vacation. But some workers may be denied. This can happen when a person is involved in work at critical infrastructure facilities. At the same time, this rule does not apply to maternity leave and parental leave.

The Law of Ukraine “On the organization of labor relations under martial law” dated March 15, 2022 No. 2136-IX states that during martial law annual paid leave is granted to employees for 24 calendar days. If the terms of the employment contract provided for a greater number of vacation days, then the effect of these provisions during martial law may be terminated.

Vacation without time limit may be provided without pay at the request of the employee. But the employer does not have the right to ask a person to go on such a vacation.

And if, due to hostilities, the enterprise cannot function, then the employer must draw up a simple one. And in this case, if he forces employees to go on vacation without pay, it will be considered violation of the labor rights of workers.

How many people plan to go on vacation

According to a grc.ua poll in social networks, in 2022 a record low number of employees are planning vacations. In general, according to analysts, the tourism sector has again experienced the greatest blow and now there are the least number of vacancies and the number of companies providing their services.

“According to the portal’s survey, hot events in the country affect both the ability to plan vacations and the desire to relax. A record low number of Ukrainian workers are planning a vacation this summer – only 11% of respondents. Only 1% of them intend to go on vacation abroad,” – the message says.

Among those wishing to go abroad, they choose mainly Turkey and Egypt. But most of those who want to rest prefer domestic tourism. Usually people want to go to the Ukrainian mountains or other regions of the country.

But the rest do not plan or cannot rest at all. The survey showed the following results:

  • 47% of respondents believe that during the war, rest and joy are not appropriate at all;
  • 23% of respondents noted that they lost their jobs due to the war, and therefore they have neither the opportunity nor the desire to rest;
  • 6% of employees are on forced unpaid leave;
  • 9% of respondents are looking for shelter from the war abroad, they also have no time for rest now.

What can be done with a work book during the war

As we said earlier, during martial law, work books can be obtained on hand upon a special application. Previously, this was possible only after dismissal.

At the same time, if the enterprise is located in the area of ​​active hostilities, the list of which is approved by the Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, the employer can decide on his own and give work books to employees.

This should also be done under the signature, and so the company will be able to save its documents in a war.

If the work book was issued to the employee, then the employer disclaims any responsibility for its safety.

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Source: Segodnya

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