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Ukrainians in Slovakia will be paid up to 380 euros – who concerns and how to get

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Forced migrants can receive financial support in another European country

Support for Ukrainians in Slovakia / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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People forced to leave Ukraine due to a full-scale Russian invasion can receive financial support in Slovakia.

As reported on the website of the initiative, financial assistance is provided by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UNICEF and the Red Cross.

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Money is given to those who need it most at first to adapt to life in a new country. You can register only for one type of support in the cities: Mihailovtsy, Nitra, Zilina, Bratislava.

How to get help?

All Ukrainians who arrived in Slovakia after February 24 and have a temporary protection document can count on UN support. The Slovak Red Cross provides financial assistance primarily to the most vulnerable categories of the population:

  • single-parent families with children or people over 60;
  • people over 60;
  • pregnant women;
  • single women;
  • families with ethnic minorities (eg Roma), etc.

Each family can receive a maximum of 380 euros (UAH 11.8 thousand) per month per person:

  • 80 euros for an adult;
  • 160 euros – for babies up to 3 years old;
  • 60 euros – for children from 3 to 18 years old.

Additional funding can be provided to families where there is at least one person with a disability.

Registered Ukrainians through the Ministry of Labor or Social Assistance do not have to register to participate in the program. Otherwise, you need to register at the UNHCR registration center.

With you there is an identity document, a Slovak Rodne Cislo number, a Slovak phone number, a Slovak bank account number and come with the whole family.

The cash payment will be made to a Slovak bank account. You can cash out the amount at any Western Union points in Slovakia. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone about the receipt of the transfer.

Without “subsidized tourism” in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic plans to limit the provision of humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians who left the country after February 24. The government is trying to fight in this way with subsidized tourism, when the status of temporary protection is issued only to receive money.

There is a monetary and material type of support: if Ukrainians are sheltered, then Ukrainians cannot count on finances. At the same time, those who do not have free housing will receive 5,000 kroons (UAH 6,283) of benefits in the first month after registration.

Financial support may be provided for another five months, but only if the person has no other sources of income. The Czech authorities will also tighten control over the migrants: they will check whether the registered persons really live at the indicated addresses.

At the same time, homeowners in the Czech Republic will begin to receive “solidarity subsidies” if they provided asylum to Ukrainians for free, even if the settlers themselves pay for gas and electricity.

Segodnya wrote earlier that from June 12, Ukrainians who left for Prague and the Central Bohemian region will no longer be able to use public transport in the city for free, and they said that Ukrainians in Poland will be paid another 700 zlotys.

Source: Segodnya

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