“Zero customs clearance” was canceled: what has changed for Ukrainian drivers

People’s deputies supported the original draft law in two readings at once

European car owners will again pay more for customs clearance / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

On June 21, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported bill No. 7418, which had been much discussed earlier.

According to the People’s Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak, the changes were supported by 234 votes and in two readings at once.

The law provides for the return of duty and VAT on imported goods and customs clearance of cars from July 1, 2022.

Voting results, Photo: Yaroslav Zheleznyak

Voting results, Photo: Yaroslav Zheleznyak

What was taxed again?

Law No. 7418 returns taxation, previously abolished by Law No. 2142, for goods imported by single tax payers of the first, second and third groups, as well as for enterprises that do not pay import duties.

Customs statistics show that the monthly loss of revenues to the budget amounted to UAH 3 billion and UAH 0.5 billion, respectively.

The main feature of the abolition of taxation was the “zero customs clearance” of vehicles from abroad. Now this possibility has been canceled for almost everyone. During the period of the law, more than 119 thousand cars were imported to Ukraine without paying duties and excise, which is why the budget lost UAH 13 billion.

At the same time, Law No. 7418 exempts those who acquire the ownership of cars equipped exclusively with electric motors (one or more) from paying the fee for compulsory state insurance.

No corruption online

In Ukraine, they also plan to introduce other changes at the border crossing and customs clearance of Euroblades. Several bills have already been registered in the Rada. In particular, the draft law No. 7466 proposes to clear a car according to a formula without taking into account its age and without a pension fee.

Bill No. 7467 wants to distribute revenues from excise tax from customs cleared cars so that 50% goes to the general fund of the state budget, and the same amount goes to a special one.

In addition, draft law No. 7468 provides for the procedure for customs clearance of cars online. In “Дії” it will be possible to fill in an electronic declaration and carry out registration. This option should prevent corruption when crossing the border.

“Today” used to be told when drivers should wait for the seasonal peak at the gas station and considered what the price of a “Euro badge” with and without “zero customs clearance” was.

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