Changes on the black market: what is happening with the dollar

We tell you how much the dollar is worth for speculators on June 23

How much is the dollar on June 23 / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

On June 23, the dollar continued to fall. During the day, the currency on sale fell by 4 kopecks, almost equaling the purchase rate.

This is evidenced by the data of the specialized site “Course of Ukraine”.

Thus, updated data on Thursday morning, June 23, show that the average selling rate of the dollar is UAH 35.31 (on June 22 – UAH 35.35), and purchases – UAH 35.2 (unchanged).

Dynamics of the dollar on June 23

Dynamics of the dollar on June 23 / Photo: screenshot

The lowest sales rate we have been able to find is – 35.22 UAH/USD, and the highest is 35.55 UAH/USD

What to expect from the course in the near future?

As financial analyst Alexei Kushch said earlier in a comment to Segodnya, the next six months may be added to the current rate. another 15% devaluation. Fall jump course to 40 UAH/USD Kushch considers absolutely real.

And subsequently, the hryvnia is unlikely to strengthen above 30 UAH / USD, according to the economist – this is almost impossible.

“Not only is this impossible, it is also not desirable. Because economic recovery is an increased demand for imports, primarily technological and investment. Plus, we will need to support our exporters, which requires a slight smooth devaluation,” Kusch explains. .

Earlier, we told why the hryvnia is in for an inevitable fall, and also wrote what kind of replacement for the dollar and the euro was found in Ukraine.

Source: Segodnya

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