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    A month of living in Estonia – how much food, transport and housing cost

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    We tell you how much it costs to live in Estonia for a month


    In Estonia, the cost of housing is quite expensive / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    Since the beginning of the war, a considerable number of Ukrainians have chosen Estonia as a temporary refuge, someone even expressed a desire to stay there.

    So the site “Today” will tell you how much it costs to live in this country for a month.

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    Note that if you do not take into account the cost of housing, then the accommodation of two people with an average level of needs will cost approximately approximately UAH 25.3 thousand.

    Product prices

    Some products in Estonia are more expensive than in Ukraine, some are cheaper. To compare prices, we selected hikersbay statistics updated in June on the cost of goods in Estonia and data from the Ministry of Finance updated in June.

    Comparative table of food prices in Estonia and Ukraine
    Product Product price in Estonia Product price in Ukraine
    Milk 1l 24 UAH 35.11 UAH
    Loaf of white bread 27 UAH 26.15 UAH
    White rice, 1 kg 45 UAH 58.87 UAH
    Eggs, 10 pcs 42.5 UAH 27.82 UAH
    Hard cottage cheese, 1 kg 217 UAH 331.57 UAH
    Chicken fillet, 1 kg 170.54 UAH 129.54 UAH
    Beef tenderloin, 1 kg 250.99 UAH 246.39 UAH
    Apples, 1 kg 44 UAH 12.55 UAH
    Bananas, 1 kg 33 UAH 43.79 UAH
    Potatoes, 1 kg 20 UAH 10.52 UAH

    It should be noted that the pack cigarettes in Estonia it costs 154 hryvnas on average, a bottle guilt – 218 UAH.

    A cup of cappuccino in a cafe will cost you 86 UAH, and in general, food in an inexpensive restaurant for one will cost an average of 311 UAH.

    The cost of renting a home

    You can use Airbnb to find accommodation. In general, the cost of renting in Estonia is quite expensive. If we consider prices on average throughout the country, then we can draw the following conclusion about long-term rentals:

    • one-room apartment in the city center will cost 13 thousand UAH;
    • one-room apartment further from the center – UAH 9.1 thousand;
    • three-room apartment in the city center UAH 20.8 thousand;
    • three-room apartment further from the center – approximately UAH 14.5 thousand

    If we are talking about short-term rentals, then, according to Airbnb, renting an apartment in the capital Tallinn will cost from 1.5 thousand dollars per month (52.5 thousand UAH)

    Rental price in Tallinn

    Rental price in Tallinn / Photo: screenshot

    Utilities cost on average UAH 5.4 thousand (basic utilities in the 85 sqm apartment, including electricity, heating or cooling, water and garbage collection).

    Public transport and mobile communications

    A single ticket for public transport, according to traveltables, will cost the equivalent of 47.7 UAH, monthly pass – 524 UAH

    If speak about Taxithen the boarding fee is approximately 79 hryvnia, every next kilometer UAH 19.04 The cost of 1 liter of gasoline – 37.27 UAH on average.

    The cost of mobile communication without discounts and special tariffs for 1 min – 1.07 UAHInternet 60 Mbps will cost an average of 589 UAH per month.

    Work for Ukrainians

    You can find jobs on Jooble, layboard, etc.

    Now in Estonia they offer the following vacancies for Ukrainians:

    What assistance does Estonia offer to IDPs?

    Among the main points:

    • help with job search;
    • assistance with the placement of children in kindergartens and schools;
    • free pass in public transport in the presence of a certificate of a migrant from Ukraine;
    • free opening of a bank account;
    • free education for Ukrainian students at four faculties of fine arts, design, architecture and artistic culture until the situation in their country stabilizes.

    Recall that earlier we told how much a month of life costs in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Canada, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

    We also wrote which states pay allowances to Ukrainian migrants.


    Source: Segodnya

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