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    Some vegetables have fallen sharply in price in Ukraine: how much they cost now

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    We tell you what happened to the prices of popular vegetables in June

    How much are vegetables in June / Photo: Getty Images, Collage: Today

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    In May, the cost of some products, including vegetables, increased sharply. However, price monitoring at the end of June shows that there was a sharp reduction in the price of some of them in supermarkets.

    “Today” tells what kind of vegetables and how much cheaper in June.

    In some places, prices per kg fell by more than 20 UAH

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    We reviewed data on vegetable prices in various supermarkets on the specialized website of the Ministry of Finance. Thus, the average monthly prices in May were significantly higher than in June, in particular for tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbage.

    So, the prices for tomatoes have changed like this:

    • red tomatoes: in May, the average price was UAH 82.33/kg – as of June 24, UAH 61.75/kg;
    • pink tomatoes: 123.63 UAH/kg – 77.26 UAH/kg;
    • cream tomatoes: 97.79 UAH/kg – 74.45 UAH/kg.

    The price reduction also applies to cucumbers. On average, at the end of June they cost 54.99 UAH/kg. For different types of prices have changed as follows:

    • smooth cucumbers: in May, the average price was 79.88 UAH/kg – as of June 24, 51.95 UAH/kg;
    • short-fruited cucumbers: UAH 81.23/kg – UAH 54.90/kg;
    • greenhouse cucumbers: 70.31 UAH/kg – 50 UAH/kg.

    Slightly less cheaper and young cabbage. If in May one had to pay UAH 50.96 per kilogram, then at the end of June the amount decreased to UAH 47.90.

    On the contrary, white cabbage has risen in price. From 25.69 UAH/kg in May the price increased to 36.37 UAH/kg.

    What will happen to buckwheat prices in autumn

    Earlier, Segodnya was told that in some stores the price per kilogram of buckwheat had risen to UAH 90 per kilogram.

    At the same time, farmers predict that buckwheat prices will decrease after harvest. By November, the wholesale price of a ton of buckwheat may fall from the current 40 thousand UAH. up to about 25 thousand UAH. In fact, in the near future, the price of cereals will almost halve – from 90 to 45 UAH per kg.

    We also wrote that dairy producers do not raise prices, but consumers still have to pay more. This situation has developed because of the logistics.

    about what will happen to conservation in Ukraine this summer. In addition, Segodnya told what is happening with prices in Russian-occupied Mariupol.

    Source: Segodnya

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