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Single check: applications by Thursday, then no arrears

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Families who have not yet applied for the Single Check must hurry if they do not want to lose the arrears accumulated so far. Only by submitting the request to INPS by 30 June can families with children be entitled to the monthly salaries not taken starting from March, the month of the entry into force of the new support. If, on the other hand, the applications are presented starting from July 1st, the check will start only from the following month.
As explained by INPS, “those who have not yet submitted the application for the single and universal allowance have until June 30 to also obtain recognition of the arrears due from March. After June 30, the allowance will run from month following that of submission of the application with no more right to overdue checks. By submitting the application in July, therefore, the check that will be due from the month of July will be paid in August “.
A simulator is available on the Institute’s website to calculate the amount due, determined on the basis of the ISEE.
For those who do not submit the ISEE, however, a minimum allowance of 50 euros per month per child is required. To submit the application, simply log on to the website www.inps.it or contact the Institute’s Patronati or Contact Center.

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Source: Ansa

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