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Stock Exchange: Milan continues positively, Mediobanca slips

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Nomisma Energia: double-digit increases coming for electricity and gas (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, June 27 – The Milan Stock Exchange (+ 0.5%) continues positive, in line with the other lists of the Old Continent.

At Piazza Affari Saipem still does not price, on the first day of the capital increase and with a theoretical increase of 20% while the rights to the increase, which, also in the extended pre-opening auction, leave 20% in the field.

On the shields Intesa and Moncler (+ 3.6%). The auto sector also performed well with Cnh and Iveco (+ 3.1%), Stellatis (+ 1.7%). Higher seat for technology with Stm (+ 0.8%).

Session down for Mediobanca (-4.1%) and Generali (-2.03%), on the day of Leonardo Del Vecchio’s death. Utilities decreased with Italgas (-2.1%), A2a (-1.1%), Snam and Hera (-0.8%).

Meanwhile, the spread between BTPs and Bunds continues at 199 points, with the Italian ten-year yield at 3.48%. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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