Milan Stock Exchange: weak, little move Generalfinance at its debut

In Florence, conference on work, Uil:

(ANSA) – MILAN, JUN 29 – Piazza Affari archives a session with a minus sign like the other European stock exchanges, where sales hit cars first and foremost. In Milan, Cnh lost 4.25%, Exor 3.32%, Stellantis 2.79% and Ferrari did not do much better (-1.93%). ) but with falling rights (-69.54%). Among the few positive stocks on the main basket is Eni (+ 0.89%) with crude oil prices flattening out over the course of the day.

Among the banks, Unicredit suffered (-2.37%) despite the narrowing of the BTP-Bund spread and the sale of 2 billion Unlikely to pay loans while Banco Bpm gained 0.22%. Almost in line with the Mediobanca (-0.68%) and Generali (-1.02%) price lists in a market that is waiting to hear about Delfin’s moves after the death of Del Vecchio. Outside the group of big MPs, it made a new slide (-8.61%) while Popolare di Sondrio’s new plan was well received on the stock market (+ 2.17%). Generalfinance slightly increased on the day of its debut (+ 0.47% to 7.2 euros). Tomorrow it’s De Nora’s turn. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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