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Getting ready for a rise in prices: what prices will rise in Ukraine in July

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Despite the fact that seasonal products began to become cheaper, some goods and services will rise in price this month

We tell you what will rise in price most of all in July / Photo: Collage: Today

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The war of Russia against Ukraine brought down the economy of our country and pushes the prices of many goods and services up. And here also the deputies canceled the military tax benefits, which were introduced at the very beginning of the Russian aggression. This will lead to higher prices for all imported goods, including cars.

“Today” figured out what will rise in price the most in the second summer month.

Imports are taxed again

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Since July 1, taxation of imported goods has been returned to Ukraine. First of all, it will be felt by those who were going to change the car. The fact is that in four months almost 240,000 cars were brought to Ukraine under preferential customs clearance.

Some of them, of course, went to the front, but most of these cars still ended up on the domestic car market. Cheaper offers from Europe drove down prices on the domestic used car market.

But already in July, cars from the EU that are imported for personal use will have to pay customs duties, excises and 20% VAT. This will push prices up in the secondary market.

The import of electric vehicles and hybrid cars will remain preferential. These categories of vehicles are exempted from paying the fee to the Pension Fund.

By the way, this event can support the hryvnia exchange rate. According to economist Eric Nyman, a decrease in the number of people who want to buy a car in Europe should ease the pressure on the hryvnia. At the same time, the innovation will raise import prices and accelerate inflation in Ukraine, but also improve the performance of Ukraine’s state budget.

By the way, not only cars, but also household appliances, electronics and even … buckwheat can rise in price.

One of the importers stated that they had contracted a batch of buckwheat in Kazakhstan. There is a shortage of this product in Ukraine now, and therefore it has to be imported. Due to the fact that the cars did not have time to cross the border before July 1, instead of preferential customs clearance, they will have to pay customs duties and VAT. As a result, according to his calculations, for the end consumer, this product in the store will rise in price by at least 30%.

Fuel and insurance: news for drivers

What will be the price of fuel in July, will greatly depend on its availability at gas stations. According to experts, gasoline and diesel should fall in price by 1-2 UAH per liter in the first half of July.

But such a forecast is only valid if Russia does not strike again at the country’s fuel infrastructure facilities. According to forecasts, until October, when fuel consumption decreases, the situation on the fuel market will remain tense. And in the case of new attacks, there may be a shortage or supply failure, which will immediately lead to a new price increase.

But what will definitely rise in price is compulsory insurance policies for drivers’ liability – the so-called autocitizen. The cost of the policy will increase by 5-15%. This is due to the fact that the amount of insurance payments in the event of an accident will increase.

Surprise from “Ukrposhta”

The fuel that has recently risen in price is forcing postal operators to adjust the prices for their services, for which the cost of delivery is highly dependent on the price of gasoline and diesel.

“Ukrposhta” from July 1 raised tariffs for the delivery of parcels and forwarding documents. On average, the cost of this service increased by 13-16%.

“The revision of tariffs is caused primarily by an increase in logistics costs for delivery”, – noted by the operator.

It is reported that a shipment weighing up to 1 kg within Ukraine, which used to cost UAH 31, will cost UAH 35 after the revision of tariffs, and the delivery of a parcel weighing up to 15 kg will cost UAH 75, previously it was paid for UAH 65.

The express delivery service will rise in price within the region by an average of 14%, within Ukraine – by 16%. If earlier sending a parcel up to 1 kg in Ukraine cost UAH 39, then from July 1 it will cost UAH 45.

Minibuses are getting more expensive

Fares continue to rise in regional centers. If in May-June mainly intercity carriers increased fares, now urban transport in many cities is changing tariffs upwards.

The reason is simple – rising fuel prices. For two months, gasoline and diesel have increased in price by at least 50-70%. And because of the shortage, many carriers had to buy it in bulk, overpaying even above the retail prices that the state was trying to control.

In July, prices for travel in Odessa will definitely increase. From July 2, the cost of travel in the city’s minibuses will be from 10 to 15 hryvnia per trip.

Demand to raise prices and carriers Exactly. They call the optimal price for travel at the level of 14 UAH. Carriers of Lutsk want to set the fare at the level of 12-15 UAH, depending on the length of the route.

Mobile communication: more services for a greater price

It seems that mobile operators have begun to raise the cost of their services. True, they do it in a very cunning way – by increasing the volume of prepaid services in the package. That is, in theory, if you use everything that the operator offers, then the price of a minute of a call or a gigabyte of traffic may be even lower. But, as practice shows, most subscribers choose a tariff, the volume of which is not fully used.

From July 1, the Vodafone Ukraine operator raised the cost of the current tariffs for the SuperNet and Joice lines. Their cost has increased by 15-40 hryvnia per month. The volume of services provided is from 20% to 50%.

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Source: Segodnya

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