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    Ukrainians in Poland will earn more – to whom and by how much wages were raised

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    During June, Polish employers increased the wages of Ukrainian guest workers

    Ukrainians abroad raised the minimum wage / Photo: Getty Images, Pexels, Collage: Today

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    In June, wages for Ukrainians working in Poland increased by 10-15%. The increase in wages applies only to men.

    This information was provided by the employment agency in Poland Gremi Personal.

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    Experts explain that employers began to pay more to Ukrainian men precisely because of the labor shortage.

    After the start of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, there are more women with children abroad, but there are more vacancies on the market for men. Every week the number of offers for Ukrainians in Poland grows by an average of 40%.

    What are the salaries?

    The minimum rate for low-skill jobs for men is PLN 17 per hour, which is one PLN more than before. In total, monthly wages increased by PLN 400-500 (UAH 2.6-3.3 thousand) – up to PLN 3.8 thousand (UAH 25.1 thousand).

    The average salary in Poland for work that requires physical effort has risen to 4 thousand zlotys per month (26.5 thousand hryvnias). Specialties where high qualifications are required are now paid from PLN 4.5 thousand (UAH 29.8 thousand) per hand.

    Where do men need?

    Experts noted that Polish employers need men most of all in the metallurgical and heavy industries, as well as in the field of logistics. There is a shortage of personnel in food enterprises and in construction.

    Before the war, the vast majority (70%) of vacancies in Poland were aimed at men. Given the increase in the number of Ukrainian women abroad, there are now even fewer offers for them – 60 vacancies per thousand open ones.

    According to experts’ forecasts, by the end of the year the number of vacancies for men from Ukraine will only grow. Employers compete with each other for workers, which leads to higher wages. The demand for mercenaries from the countries of Central Asia has also increased.

    Salaries up to 50 thousand UAH.

    The Ukrainian labor market is also gradually changing – employers are recovering from the horrors of war and are actively hiring people. An increase in the number of vacancies was recorded in June in Kyiv, the center and in the west of the country – in areas where it is relatively calm and there are no active hostilities.

    The supply in the construction sector, which is now the leader, has increased. The number of vacancies in call centers and telecommunications has increased.

    Specialties in the field of cleaning, production and working specialties are in demand. Workers in the areas of trade and logistics are more in need of offices.

    The top ten most popular professions by the number of vacancies are:

    • driver – 20 thousand UAH;
    • seller – 10 thousand UAH;
    • loader – 11 thousand UAH;
    • handyman – 9 thousand UAH;
    • security guard – UAH 9 thousand;
    • seamstress – 14 thousand UAH;
    • courier – UAH 22.5 thousand;
    • cook – 11 thousand UAH;
    • hairdresser – 12 thousand UAH;
    • nurse -8.5 thousand UAH.

    At the same time, there are professions where a fairly high salary is, for example, a truck driver (UAH 50 thousand), a bulldozer driver (UAH 27.5 thousand), a taxi driver (UAH 25.5 thousand), a plasterer and a combine operator ( 25 thousand UAH). More than 20 thousand UAH per month can be received by call center operators, foremen, couriers, tilers and facade workers.

    Segodnya wrote earlier that, according to the results of the survey, many Ukrainians are ready to change their qualifications or specialties in order to get a job. We also talked about how Ukrainians can find work in Italy and who they need first of all.

    Source: Segodnya

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