Waste: a laboratory for the verification of plastic recyclability is born

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(ANSA) – ROME, 07 JUL – A new laboratory and a certification for the verification of the recyclability of plastic packaging are born, also available to companies who want to check their packaging. This was announced by Corepla (the National Consortium for the Collection, Recycling and Recovery of plastic packaging) and Csi, a company of the Imq Group, a body for assessing conformity on products, materials, processes, services and plants, because they have signed a agreement for the start of a collaboration to improve the recyclability and recovery of packaging and plastic products.

The project envisages the creation, by the end of the year, of a test laboratory capable of evaluating the selectability and recyclability of the various plastic materials.

“This is a project that will further raise the level of efficiency of plastic product recycling systems, with the construction of an increasingly refined and efficient system of control and certification of all the steps that characterize the life cycle of packaging” declared the president of Corepla, Giorgio Quagliuolo.

Csi CEO, Lucio Luciotti: “As a leading international laboratory, with thirty years of experience and expertise in characterization analysis and compliance checks of plastics, we are flattered to collaborate with the Corepla consortium in this innovative project for the development of processes for the selection of plastic packaging waste, bringing all our know-how in the fields of testing and certification, and therefore guiding companies towards increasingly recyclable and sustainable packaging “.

In addition to the laboratory activity, the note reads, Csi will offer “a recyclability certification service with the issue of a third-party certificate aimed at giving evidence on the market that plastic packaging can be transformed into raw-secondary material” . (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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