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Stock Exchange: Europe expands earnings after ECB minutes, Milan + 2.5%

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Enac and the Lazio Region sign a protocol on advanced air mobility (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, 07 JUL – The European stock exchanges widen the rise after the minutes of the ECB meeting on 9 June last. The positive climate returns to the markets after the stabilization of the oil price and the measures indicated by the Fed to contain inflation in the US. The political situation in the United Kingdom is also taking hold, after the resignation of Boris Johnson announces as leader of the Conservative Party.

The stoxx 600 index gains 1.5%. In the Old Continent Milan (+ 2.5%) wears the pink jersey. Frankfurt (+ 1.9%), Madrid (+ 1.8%) and Paris (+ 1.6%) also did well. The energy sector is flying (+ 4%), with the price of oil rising slightly with the WTI at 101 dollars a barrel and the Brent at 103 dollars.

The utilities are less tonic (+ 0.6%), with the gas raising my head.

In Amsterdam, prices stood at 183 euros per megawatt hour (+ 7%).

At Piazza Affari, Saipem leapt (+ 17%), pending the closing of the capital increase. Tenaris (+ 8.2%) and Eni (+ 3.2%) also run. The car sector did well, in line with the European trend. Iveco gains 7%, Cnh is suspended in the volatility auction with a theoretical rise of 6.8% and Stellantis (+ 6%).

Amplifon slips (-4.9%) while Tim returns to positive ground (+ 1%), on the day of the capital market. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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