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Petrol: Qe, slightly lower prices, self at 2.017 euros per liter

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(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 13 – Petrol prices slightly down today: according to the processing of Quotidiano Energia, the national average price of petrol in self mode is 2.017 euros per liter (2.021 the previous value), with the different brands between 2.002 and 2.029 euros per liter (no logo 2.015). The average price charged for self diesel is 1,973 euros per liter (1,977 the previous figure), with companies between 1,962 and 1,984 euros per liter (no logo 1,974).

As for the service, for gasoline the average price charged is positioned at 2,160 euros per liter (against 2,163), with colored systems having average prices between 2,089 and 2,222 euros per liter (no logo 2,066). The average of diesel served is 2,118 euros per liter (2,122 the previous figure), with the sales points of the companies with average prices between 2,049 and 2,172 euros per liter (no logo 2,027).

The prices of LPG are between 0.829 and 0.848 euros per liter (no logo 0.814). Finally, the average price of CNG for cars is between 2.002 and 2.264 euros (no logo 2.115).


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Source: Ansa

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