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Work: King David (CGIL), we told the government no more bonuses

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Beach holidays, turnover of 31 billion as in pre-Covid era (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ANCONA, JUL 13 – “We asked the government that there are not ‘bonus’ measures, but structural and we asked to discuss, because people need answers today, not in January, when there will be the financial . But we haven’t seen anything about the contents yet. ” This was stated by Francesca Re David, national secretary of the CGIL, in the aftermath of the meeting between the government and the unions, on bargaining, minimum wages and incomes, on the sidelines of a conference in Ancona.

Speaking with reporters, King David explained that “at present we have been made a list by the prime minister”, a list that “naturally also the trade unions have expanded with respect to the issues to be dealt with: precariousness, wages and even minimum wages, policies industrial, automotive, steel industry and then the issues of pensions and those concerning the tax wedge and so on. The prime minister said he would reconvene us around July 26-27 before the government takes action “.


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Source: Ansa

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